Thursday, September 9, 2010


I am having a fun and interesting summer, the only thing missing is more sunshine. I have memberships to most of the main museums in the bay area and I have for some time so why is it that almost every time I walk into a museum there is some pin head, treating me as though I have just discovered that these places exist, and even though I am a member, they seem to want to ignore that fact. If they are not running up to me to check and make sure that I didn't enter without paying, they are trying to explain things to me as if they are speaking to a two year old. What the hell is this about, and tell me how I could possibly enter without paying? I want to toot my own horn, I stand out in a crowd so, how could I possibly squeak by guards? This has happened in every one of the museums and now, I am tired and poised to take down the next jackass that steps to me, because you see, I realize that this is a Black thing, and the perpetrators are both white and Black. For some ignorant reason, they have it in their heads that I am some kind of intruder so, whenever I enter a museum they feel the need to approach me to see what I am doing and how did I get in the building. I have had security guards run across the room to check to see if I had indeed paid, one security guard told me that I was in the European art section and that the African American art was on the other side. These two guards were both Black, wtf!!! I have been followed around as if I am going to steal the art, I have had a white worker make a big scene by welcoming us to the museum and telling us that he was there to answer any of our questions because of course this had to be our first time and seeing that it was Martin Luther King's birthday the day before, he felt compelled to do this. To the inexperienced eye and ear maybe this would have come off as something positive but in reality it came off as trying to accent the fact that we were obviously strangers in a strange land, museum land. Now we are reporting people for bad behavior and the people in charge appear to be embarrassed at what their employees are doing. I have decided that I have to take these ignorant people down by embarrassing them because after all this is what they are attempting to do to me. Well there is still two weeks before summer officially ends and I plan to keep going to visit my museums so, I will keep you posted.