Friday, July 31, 2009

Stolen Legacy

Kemet, mighty Kemet, Black land, land of the Blacks, an ancient Black, as in people, Nile valley civilization. That's right, this mighty civilization ,which none have been able to duplicate, was created by Black people and maybe only for the last hundred or so years, western civilization has been trying to claim it as their creation. Kmt got its start as part of an even larger empire, the Kushite empire. I bring all of this up because in a couple of weeks or so , I will go with my family to the De Young Museum in San Francisco to view the exhibit of King Tutankhamun, an ancient ancestor, and the place will be full of people not of African decent claiming and taking credit for a civilization that they did not contribute to. I know that the others came in as invaders at the end of the Kmt empire that lasted for thousands of years but , that doesn't mean that they then get to take credit for what they had no hand in creating. I just hope I am able to stomach the energy of swimming in a sea of lies. That is what the exhibition hall will feel like for me and at other times, I have run from these halls to find out who was in charge to let them know that I knew that they are feeding the public lies. I will try to control my emotions but, I dare anyone to speak those lies out loud! It is one thing to have them written in books but, if they dare to speak these lies the out loud in my presence, I will speak the truth equally as loud.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today my honorary son-in-law was interviewed and then he performed on the kfog morning radio show, it was very cool. He was relaxed, well spoken, candid and talented.
He created a way to pay off his mortgage that is genius, and that is what all the buzz is about. You see he is an excellent musician with a beautiful voice and he also has a career as a software engineer. He combined these two talents and came up with a website where he basically performs like a street musician and you can donate money to help him pay the mortgage if you are so moved to do so. When I first heard this idea, I didn't get it, but once I visited the site, I knew he had created something wonderful.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Post Racial America, what a bunch of bull!

I know everyone is talking about what happened to Professor Gates but, that shit goes on twenty-four seven in America. What has me up in arms is what happened on AOL today when my, I don't know what to call him since he is not married to my daughter, he uses partner, my daughter's partner's article appeared on AOL and all of the wack jobs came out of the gutter to post their opinions. Now instead of discussing his website and the genius idea he came up with, too many people started to express crazy thoughts in their posts. It was clear to me that many of these, what most people call just plain racist, are in reality mentally ill. They have literally lost their minds and the only things that come out of their mouths are ramblings of inferior minded people. They are full of fear and have feelings of being less than, they are desperately trying to hide this from the rest of the world by trying to put other people in their place. They dwell in their own personal hell and they are trying to bring the rest of the world down to their level so perhaps they can finally feel good about themselves. People try to ignore them, kum-ba-yah them and show them the error of their ways but this doesn't work because they have a mental illness and should be treated as such and that might mean institutionalizing them, electric shock or in the worse case scenario, a lobotomy.



Friday, July 24, 2009


I asked my husband how interested he was in being a full time hipster? "Do you want a little or a lot, or just a balance," was my question to him because I am starting to get a lot of invitations to shows, art gallery openings, and even a plays. So if we wanted to go full out, we could literally be out and about everyday but I don't know that we could keep up that kind of pace. Tonight we went out to watch our daughter do her thing in a sabar dance class and if I must say so myself, she is the best! But back to my point, we are trying to find the happy medium, we need to be out and about so we can feed the artist in us, and then maybe we can each get back to our painting. So we decided to go for the healthy balance as not to wear ourselves out. We don't want to go out just to be out, if we are not fully engaged in the activity, it isn't worth it. We are not out and about just to be seen by others we are out gathering energy to carry back to hummingbird cottage where our creativity will flourish.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Government controlled Healthcare

I don't want the fricking government controlling or having any say so in my healthcare. To me this is shit is downright scary. I see the scenario going something like this, they take control forcing all of us to have healthcare or else fines and possible jail time. Next they decide that in order to get the most out of this new healthcare system they need to make preventive care mandatory and that includes immunization shots for all children, flu shots for all, testing for all of the major diseases because early detection is what we need, check ups every six months, mandatory drug use for what ails us , I can go on and on. The bottom line is that I don't need the government in my personal life. Anyway, I hate western medicine because they are not healers, they drug dealers. They fill you with fear and then they do unnecessary surgeries and, their hospitals are over run with deadly germs so you are in danger every time you step foot in one. When my daughter was in the hospital recently, I saw this shit up close and I was so fearful that my child and grandchild would not make it out of that death trap. The only purpose of the government should be to protect individual rights, I do not need or trust them to try and tell me what to do with my health.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Easy breezy

Easy breezy and definitely a cover girl for the book, "The Game of Life and how to Play it." I am having fantastic experiences on planet earth. My life is most often filled with joy and I take full responsibility for that. I refuse to wait around for some institution or collective of any kind, to make my life great, to free me, to provide for me, no way, I have learned to play this game of life and I am becoming a master at it. What new and exciting adventures await me?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Othello Papers

I had a lovely time experiencing the play, "The Othello Papers" by the playwright, Robert Henry Johnson. I was squirming in my seat at the beginning of the play as I sat there listening to all of the racial stereotypes being acted out while white people heehawed it up, and I thought what is my brotha doing? And then he flipped the script and the laughter gradually turned into intense listening to the historical knowledge that the characters delivered to the mostly white audience. By the end of the play, which is still a work in progress, I was cheering. It turns out that I have read a lot of the same books and gathered the same facts but to see it in the form a play was a unique experience for me. Robert Henry Johnson took what was the deliberately hidden history of African people and brought it into the light

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Missing home

I am missing what I consider to be my spiritual home which I have been visiting every two years since 2000. I found out about Sedona existence in the mid- nineties but never seriously considered going until my husband finally convinced me to take what we named "our southwest trip." His interest was in New Mexico, Santa Fe to be exact. I told him that I was game but I needed to make a stop in Sedona since we would be going pass it, and it was love at first sight. I was awestruck like everyone who enters Oak Creek canyon. The drive down along winding road, with towering red rocks standing watch over your arrival into this magical powerful place, is a treat in its self.
By the time you reach Sedona and realize that Oak Creek canyon was just the appetizer and that the beauty goes on for miles and to top it all off , you are in the middle of seven or eight magnetic and electromagnetic energy vortexes(vortices), which are attributed to the iron in the red rocks, you are overwhelmed by it all. I know now that once every two years is hardly enough or right for me, I need more, I want to find a way to go every years for a few days. I am putting it out there!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy doing too much

It's summer and I find it hard take in a lot during these hot months, this is the time for output and that is what I have been doing. I have been networking, going to cafes, shows, and trips. What I have not done much of is reading or I should say, finishing a book. I keep buying books and I start to read them, I get about one hundred pages in and then I start reading another book. I really want to be out and about and not sitting around reading but that doesn't stop me from buying books every time I turn around and these stacks of books are starting to make me a little anxious. We have a lot of activities coming up so that by the time the cooler weather returns in the fall and winter, I will be quite ready to sit in my cozy cottage and read.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back to my lovely power spot

I have been wasting too much energy trying to tell people to pay attention to things going on around them and now, I am done and you see that pretty, peaceful couch in the picture, well I am going back to kicking back and enjoying my life. It is a terrible waste of my time to try and wake sleeple up, just like in the matrix they have to want to wake up and most people are quite satisfied to never know what is really going on. So, I will go and enjoy my life. and hopefully I will run across others like myself who have awaken from the induced coma like sleep.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Your consequences not mine

Many people create messy lives through a series of bad choices that they make without anyone's help and when there is no easy way out, and it is time to face the consequences they turn to you and ask you to give them your assets. I have made a series of choices that have landed me in the midst of a marvelous life and now I am being asked, or will be soon, to give some of my stuff away to other people just because they need it, and to them, the fact that I have more means by definition, I can share and should be more than happy to do so. What the! No, I really have a problem with this whole concept. You make bad choices and I pay the consequences. What is that, does that sound logical, reasonable? Hell no it doesn't and I won't commit this act of self sacrifice for family or friends. If you create a hellish existence, isn't it you who has to face the results? Did I help or have a hand in creating suffering, struggle, pain and chaos in your life? No I did not and therefore it is not my responsibility or destiny to share in this life you have manifested for yourself, by yourself. We are all powerful creators and the life we have is the life we have created for ourselves and I know that most people don't want to take that responsibility but sorry, it is all on you. We always have a choice even in situations where it appears that someone else has power over us physically, we still have the freedom to make choices on how we will handle being under the physical control of someone else. Malcolm X made fantastic choices while being incarcerated for ten years. So the bottom line is, I will not pay the price for another persons choices because, it is not my karma. The consequences are yours and it would be detrimental for you to miss or sidestep the powerful life lessons that are the result of your choices.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

no see um bugs

Who would have ever thought that "no see um" was the actual name of the bugs that bit me or at least the common name. When I was a kid my dad became very upset at us for calling a bug that we encountered everyday, a pincher bug. He told us that he was going to find out the real name of the bug and then told us that from there on out, we had to call the bug by its proper name, "earwig." That probably isn't the real name or spelling but, I digress. About a week and a half ago, I went out with the guy in this picture, Rahelio, on a sacred , mystical energy gathering journey. We trusted him as our guide and we had a wonderful time or at least I thought for about 15 hours and then all hell hit me. Bumps started to appear on my body, first on my calves, then my arms, my ears, on, in and around, my jaw line, ankles, and finally my cheek and forehead. Well up until yesterday I thought they were very bad mosquito bites and treated them as such. My daughter is the one that told me to goggle the " no see um" bug , and it was there on the web describing all of my symptoms. So now, I am pissed at Rahelio for saying, "I know these pesky little bugs are annoying but go deeper into your meditation." What, are you kidding me, I am laying my ass on the ground and these bugs are going crazy all around me as I try to spiritually connect with the vortex energy, wow!! Rahelio, Rahelio, you never mentioned the "no see um" bug until I emailed you about my dilemma, so yes, I am pissed at your negligence and will have to find another guide the next time out.

Monday, July 6, 2009

What I am saying.....

After last night's post, I knew I had to come in this morning and say more, clarify what I am saying and that is, the planet will be saved by enlightened individuals that will come from both genders. Those negative women that I spoke about are not the women that are in my life, no, I have aligned myself with self-loving powerful goddesses that are uplifting and positive. But having said that, I would never choose a friend on the basis of gender, it is all about the character, the positive flowing energy that comes from the individual, be it woman or man. It is a yinyang thing yall. This harmonic convergence is what holds the universe together.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Women as saviors?

I hear a lot of women and now men talking about women being the ones that will have to save the world from this dangerous path that we are on. These people feel as though we as women are righteous in ways that men are not. We are peace loving and nurturers and are the only ones that can save the planet at this point. Well, I think that much of this is bullshit! I see many women that are haters of other women. Unfortunately, many women do not trust one another and they stab each other any chance that they get, so, I do not think one gender or the other will save the planet. It is and will be the highly evolved enlightened individual that will choose to live on a higher level, that will refuse to live by the low mediocre standards of the collective. These people will create their worlds in their own image and eventually, it will trickle down to the mainstream thereby saving them once again.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My jewelry, my talismans

After returning from my trip, I sat up late at night changing my jewelry to stones and crystal jewelry. Most people do not get why I adorn myself the way I do, but fortunately, that does not concern me. To me, my jewelry is much more crucial than clothing because it affects my energy, my chakras, my aura, and it heals and protects. I picked up a lot of energy in Sedona and as we drove across the Mojave desert, it came to me that I had to change my jewelry as soon I as returned home. I am still kind of overwhelmed by the vortex energy and I am taking my time and slowly reconnecting with my daily life. Soon, I will be able to write more, but right now it is a little too much for me.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Home again

So we have been back home for at least five days and I am still adjusting. I went out yesterday to a scheduled pedicure and that cause me to lose some of my stored up energy from Sedona, but, I had to go because it is important to me that my friend stay in business. All in all, it was a fun trip but definitely too short due to the economy and the fact that there was no bonus this summer. This trip has made me realize that I have to do an energy gathering trip at least once every three months because every two years just doesn't cut it. In order to stay spiritually healthy we need to go out and gather energy to keep ourselves nourished and protected from the woes and ills of city life. By the time we left for this trip, Charlie and I were running on empty and in desperate need of our southwest sacred journey. At our ages, it is just too risky to let ourselves run on empty for any length of time because illness can creep into a spiritually weak body. Now that we are back at Hummingbird cottage, we have got to jump back into our creative activities in order to sustain the energy that we brought back with us.