Thursday, July 16, 2009

Missing home

I am missing what I consider to be my spiritual home which I have been visiting every two years since 2000. I found out about Sedona existence in the mid- nineties but never seriously considered going until my husband finally convinced me to take what we named "our southwest trip." His interest was in New Mexico, Santa Fe to be exact. I told him that I was game but I needed to make a stop in Sedona since we would be going pass it, and it was love at first sight. I was awestruck like everyone who enters Oak Creek canyon. The drive down along winding road, with towering red rocks standing watch over your arrival into this magical powerful place, is a treat in its self.
By the time you reach Sedona and realize that Oak Creek canyon was just the appetizer and that the beauty goes on for miles and to top it all off , you are in the middle of seven or eight magnetic and electromagnetic energy vortexes(vortices), which are attributed to the iron in the red rocks, you are overwhelmed by it all. I know now that once every two years is hardly enough or right for me, I need more, I want to find a way to go every years for a few days. I am putting it out there!

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