Thursday, July 9, 2009

Your consequences not mine

Many people create messy lives through a series of bad choices that they make without anyone's help and when there is no easy way out, and it is time to face the consequences they turn to you and ask you to give them your assets. I have made a series of choices that have landed me in the midst of a marvelous life and now I am being asked, or will be soon, to give some of my stuff away to other people just because they need it, and to them, the fact that I have more means by definition, I can share and should be more than happy to do so. What the! No, I really have a problem with this whole concept. You make bad choices and I pay the consequences. What is that, does that sound logical, reasonable? Hell no it doesn't and I won't commit this act of self sacrifice for family or friends. If you create a hellish existence, isn't it you who has to face the results? Did I help or have a hand in creating suffering, struggle, pain and chaos in your life? No I did not and therefore it is not my responsibility or destiny to share in this life you have manifested for yourself, by yourself. We are all powerful creators and the life we have is the life we have created for ourselves and I know that most people don't want to take that responsibility but sorry, it is all on you. We always have a choice even in situations where it appears that someone else has power over us physically, we still have the freedom to make choices on how we will handle being under the physical control of someone else. Malcolm X made fantastic choices while being incarcerated for ten years. So the bottom line is, I will not pay the price for another persons choices because, it is not my karma. The consequences are yours and it would be detrimental for you to miss or sidestep the powerful life lessons that are the result of your choices.

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