Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home again

So we have been back home for at least five days and I am still adjusting. I went out yesterday to a scheduled pedicure and that cause me to lose some of my stored up energy from Sedona, but, I had to go because it is important to me that my friend stay in business. All in all, it was a fun trip but definitely too short due to the economy and the fact that there was no bonus this summer. This trip has made me realize that I have to do an energy gathering trip at least once every three months because every two years just doesn't cut it. In order to stay spiritually healthy we need to go out and gather energy to keep ourselves nourished and protected from the woes and ills of city life. By the time we left for this trip, Charlie and I were running on empty and in desperate need of our southwest sacred journey. At our ages, it is just too risky to let ourselves run on empty for any length of time because illness can creep into a spiritually weak body. Now that we are back at Hummingbird cottage, we have got to jump back into our creative activities in order to sustain the energy that we brought back with us.

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