Tuesday, July 7, 2009

no see um bugs

Who would have ever thought that "no see um" was the actual name of the bugs that bit me or at least the common name. When I was a kid my dad became very upset at us for calling a bug that we encountered everyday, a pincher bug. He told us that he was going to find out the real name of the bug and then told us that from there on out, we had to call the bug by its proper name, "earwig." That probably isn't the real name or spelling but, I digress. About a week and a half ago, I went out with the guy in this picture, Rahelio, on a sacred , mystical energy gathering journey. We trusted him as our guide and we had a wonderful time or at least I thought for about 15 hours and then all hell hit me. Bumps started to appear on my body, first on my calves, then my arms, my ears, on, in and around, my jaw line, ankles, and finally my cheek and forehead. Well up until yesterday I thought they were very bad mosquito bites and treated them as such. My daughter is the one that told me to goggle the " no see um" bug , and it was there on the web describing all of my symptoms. So now, I am pissed at Rahelio for saying, "I know these pesky little bugs are annoying but go deeper into your meditation." What, are you kidding me, I am laying my ass on the ground and these bugs are going crazy all around me as I try to spiritually connect with the vortex energy, wow!! Rahelio, Rahelio, you never mentioned the "no see um" bug until I emailed you about my dilemma, so yes, I am pissed at your negligence and will have to find another guide the next time out.

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  1. If I ever go back to Sedona, I'm gonna beat him up!