Friday, July 30, 2010

Individualist- simple rhymes

I'm an individualist
and I mean no harm to thee
I simply live my life for me
they say we live many lives
but this is the only one I can see
so let me be
a slow growing tree
who loves her daily cup of tea
and praying by the sea
for I mean no harm to thee
this is my key
thereby filling my life with harmony
they never taught this to me
at the university
Individualist, that's me
you may agree or disagree
but this is not a plea
it's a decree
I mean no harm to thee
not to be you, for this is my life
I simply choose to be me
flowing free
here and beyond

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Been Missing

Yesterday I had such a wonderful time at Hummingbird cottage for the very reason that it was the first time in about two years that I had a guest in the cafe. I think I am spending far too much time alone and although I am told that in several of my past lives, I was a monk, and that much of my life was spent in isolation in prayer and meditation, being alone too much bugs the crap out of me in this life time. I love seeing the faces of my visitors when I open the door to my magical jewel box of a dwelling. I know that it is a special place that I have filled with all sorts of trinkets, talismans, shells, bones, colors, sounds, fragrances, and more but will my guest get it? It turns out that when I follow my intuition as to whom I invite to my cottage, I am always on point because they are magical beings also and can totally enjoy what I have created.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Hundred Years

I have always been considered a slow bloomer
and that is because I plan to be a centenarian
and therefore my life flow is that of a tree
no speed for me
I am a little over half way there
and I am just beginning to hit my stride
I have cracked myself wide open and allowed
all forms of magic to pour out
while many around are racing to their ending
I am content to take my time
I am trying to slow down time
in an attempt to wallow in every moment
I gather crystals, herbs, healers, mountains, beaches, bones and stones
I wrap myself in many colors and surround myself in sound
all of these talismans are part of my personal alchemy
and they help me to remain on this earth plane
growing free and slowly like a beautiful tree
unfurling my limbs toward one hundred

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Define My Reality

There are way too many people in the world that will try to define your reality for you if you let them and I have no intention of letting them do that to me. People will assume and define your reality by race, gender, class, nationality, age and any other type of group that they can squeeze you into. There is baggage attached to all of these classifications but I am not one to take on other peoples limitations. Just because you feel restricted by race or gender, do not try to force this restriction on me. The other day somebody was talking to me about age and the reality of one person dying and leaving the other behind, in the case of a couple, I heard her concern but frankly speaking, it is not my concern. My concern is that my honey and I live our lives to the hilt! I care and put my attention on living, not on dying. I do not want to waste our precious time here on earth worrying about leaving. Too many people try to put their crap on you, guess what, you will be the one to suffer behind this kind of thinking, not me, because I refuse to own it, no thank you, I fly above all of this low level thinking.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monique As the Voice of Reason

You know that living my life by the standards of another goes against my grain and the idea of taking relationship advise from Monique is a utterly ridiculous notion as far as I am concerned. I just finished listening to a video from the Monique show on BET and she brought a couple on who she fully endorsed to tell sistahs that they needed to submit, surrender to their king, and she proceeded to use crude language explaining how she thought she had a male sexual organ and she wanted to control everything and I thought, what the blank am I listening to? Are these sistahs serious, this is 2010 and slavery officially ended in 1864-65 and these sistahs have willingly sold themselves back into slavery and they are asking the masses of sistahs to join them in their bondage. Are Black women really going to sell themselves, mind, body and soul in order to have a so called man/master? What price are you willing to pay in order to have this type of , in my opinion, worthless male? Now I know that some jackass will accuse me of being a man hater, or they might even call me a lesbian, but the truth of the matter is that I learned how powerful I am as an individual when I was in my mid-twenties and I used my power to create the life that I wanted, the life that I deserved. I have a loving husband of thirty-two years and we have never entertained the notion of dominance over one another. We both know and love each other's nature and would never insist that the other douse their light in order for the other to shine brighter because, what happens is, you dull the whole relationship and in the end, you both end up as lesser people.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time to Get My Mojo Working

Now that I have been to the mountain and received some very important messages, it is time to get my mojo working. It seems that I have been resting on my laurels for far too long and it is time to move. I have gone out and gathered energy now I have to use it to create again. I have a painting that has been waiting for me for a year and everyday I walk by and look at it, it stares back at me, it is me looking and wondering about me. Why the long hold up what the frick is going on with me? I sat in that beach chair on the mountain for four hours and soaked up some much needed magnetic feminine/masculine energy. My husband and I have rededicated ourselves to becoming renaissance people and that requires hard work, consistency and vitality. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going forward with our art, music, language, writing, reading, studying the ancient Nile Valley civilizations, and, I have a week to decide if I am going back to dance.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Wonder Twin Powers......Activate

What this mini vacation was really all about was the fact that I have loved Charles for 32 years and it was our anniversary celebration. Whenever we head out on a trip we say," wonder twin powers activate" because we double our power that way and no one messes with us. I don't really like the kissing picture because I am holding the camera and I am to close, so my face looks too big and the pursed lips are a little too corny but I decided to post it anyway because we have the magical waterfall behind us. I know that it is not obvious but, that is my hand on the left and his is on the right and the rings are hematite and therefore, magnetic so, when we hold hands, they bond together, now, how cool is that! So here is to 32 more years of wonder twin spirit power. Activate!!