Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Define My Reality

There are way too many people in the world that will try to define your reality for you if you let them and I have no intention of letting them do that to me. People will assume and define your reality by race, gender, class, nationality, age and any other type of group that they can squeeze you into. There is baggage attached to all of these classifications but I am not one to take on other peoples limitations. Just because you feel restricted by race or gender, do not try to force this restriction on me. The other day somebody was talking to me about age and the reality of one person dying and leaving the other behind, in the case of a couple, I heard her concern but frankly speaking, it is not my concern. My concern is that my honey and I live our lives to the hilt! I care and put my attention on living, not on dying. I do not want to waste our precious time here on earth worrying about leaving. Too many people try to put their crap on you, guess what, you will be the one to suffer behind this kind of thinking, not me, because I refuse to own it, no thank you, I fly above all of this low level thinking.

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