Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Hundred Years

I have always been considered a slow bloomer
and that is because I plan to be a centenarian
and therefore my life flow is that of a tree
no speed for me
I am a little over half way there
and I am just beginning to hit my stride
I have cracked myself wide open and allowed
all forms of magic to pour out
while many around are racing to their ending
I am content to take my time
I am trying to slow down time
in an attempt to wallow in every moment
I gather crystals, herbs, healers, mountains, beaches, bones and stones
I wrap myself in many colors and surround myself in sound
all of these talismans are part of my personal alchemy
and they help me to remain on this earth plane
growing free and slowly like a beautiful tree
unfurling my limbs toward one hundred

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