Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving Away From the Ranting

I have not been posting on this blog for most of the year because I have grown quite tired of my rants about being an individualist which I felt like I needed to get out due to some of the encounters I had on the social network, you know the one. I felt like there was way too much preaching on the virtues of group think. I was tired of reading the craziness and knew that I needed to let them know that I was not one of them. Now that that is done, I plan to talk about other things but, that doesn't negate the possibility of an occasional rant on the subject of individualism.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Best Western Tree House Motor Inn, Mt. Shasta

Dear Talibah, I am writing you in regards to your recent visit here at the Tree House. We were glad to see that your son recovered from his allergic reaction. We hope that you are able to determine, in the near future, what caused his skin to break out and the breathing problems he experienced. In speaking with you and also reading your concerns on Customer Care, I understand that while you feel his reaction was direct result of the chlorine in our pool or spa, I have found no evidence that would substantiate your claim. I am more than happy answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Also, you mentioned to me that the hospital would be faxing over some information to the hotel. As of today, I have not received this information. If I misunderstood you, please let me know. I would also like to assure you that Mr. Cottrell was simply trying to explain our side of things regarding the commercial and residential standards required by the Health Department. I am sorry that you were given another impression. I hope that you and your family have safe and happy Fourth of July. Thank you. Brian LinsleyGneral ManagerThe Best Western Plus Tree House111 Morgan WayMount Shasta, CA 96067530.926.3101

These types of letters are always disturbing because you have the audacity to actually sit down and write this to us. After swimming in your over chlorinated pool my son had an allergic reaction and had to go to the emergency room. If someone is injured in your hotel, you are responsible even if things are up to spec. If someone falls down your up to spec stairs, you are responsible and the same applies to your pool. My son got in your pool and hot tub twice a day and by the three day, he was wheezing but we did not connect it to the pool until the morning of June 28th when he got into your pool and hot tub and returned to the room saying that his hands and feet were burning and that he felt as though he could not breathe. I told him to get in the shower and washthe chemicals from his body, he did so and in a couple of minutes he ran out and showed me the bumps all over his body. The only other thing that my son did was eat breakfast that morning and dinner the night before in your restaurant. As to your other claim that some how we mis-understood Tom Cottrell when he told us that if we wanted to continue being a guest at the hotel, the conversation was over and his attempt to dismiss us, you are attempting to insult our intelligence. We were not guest in your hotel, we were paying customers so you and mr. Tom should get that straight in your minds. If the only thing you have to say to us is ridiculous things like this, don't bother us, cut the bullshit!! We paid $700 plus to stay in your hotel and now I will be paying another $2000 to pay for the emergency room visit caused by our over chlorinated pool. Remember we have stayed in the hotel many times and we warned our sonabout the heavy chlorination that in the past burned our hair and left our eyes burning for hours. You definitely mis-understood, I said that Best Western customer care said that they would send the report to you not the hospital. Tom Cottrell is rude and uncouth and generally in my daily life I do not come in contact with this type of low level person and hope to never again. Maybe you are a person who does not trust his own judgement but my husband and I are not though people. Cottrell tried to insult and dismiss us after half listening to our concerns for less then ten minutes and when I told him that he could not dismiss us, he dismissed himself, and that is what happened. A business is only as good as its care given to paying customers when something goes wrong and you and mr. cottrell have failed to make the mark, and in the end, the only good thing about your hotel is the view of the mountain. I will post this on my blog!SincerelyTalibah

Saturday, March 26, 2011

So Lovely To Take a Break From the Madness

Last week I had a wonderful time leaving the madness of Obama starting yet another war and all of the propaganda leading up to the invasion and all of the double talk that followed and is continuing right up to this moment. For the most part, I tune it all out but I am aware of what is going on. Obama is at the helm of the push to re-colonize Africa and no one is suppose to notice because he is Black, well I do notice and I am not at all surprised by anything this government does regardless of who is at the helm. If you have valuable resources, this government wants them and they will create any type of false dilemma in order to bum rush your borders and to take what does not belong to them. So there you have it and this shit will go on in one form or another for as long as greedy bastards have the military force to bully whomever they choose. Through it all, I can leave it all behind and find my peace.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Prayers for Nippon

Over the years my friend Nami-chan has brought back offerings and prayers for me from spiritual temples in her country. I am sending loving healing energy out to my friend and her country

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Will Americans Walk Like An Egyptian?

I have always disliked the saying "walk like an Egyptian," because it has no basis in reality but when someone asked the question " when will Americans walk like an Egyptian on Facebook, I wanted to know what they meant by it. Unfortunately, I did not know this person but, my question to the author of this statement is what are you advocating, do you want Americans to take to the streets? For what reason, what is the issue that would drive the masses into the streets? I really don't know why the so called Egyptian people are in the streets, but I hear that they are finally tired of Mubarak running things but what does that have to do with the American people. We are already in most of the countries on the planet so I guess some think that we should go ahead and jump into this mess also.
February 11, 2011: This post was started when this so called revolution began and now the media says that it is over and they, the people have successfully ousted Mubarak. I really don't know who really ousted this man but I have a suspicion that it was not the people but the power behind the curtain, the ones that really are responsible for toppling governments. I have never really been interested in politics and/or politicians because when you come down to it they are all pushing hidden agendas that don't have much to do with helping the people that vote for them so, excuse me if I choose not to "walk like an egyptian," but to walk like the individualist that I am, and that means that, I am walking past all of the bullshit that the media is peddling.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Trying to be a photographer is really kicking my butt as I am called on to put myself out there to try and capture images for other people. I know I have bitched and complained about this in the past but for me, it is difficult to take the photo and then have others judge its worth. I said it before and I will say it again, I am not a professional so when I am in these situations, a little of the joy, no, a lot of the joy is taken away from me and replaced with anxiety, but through it all, I get a little satisfaction when I capture something wonderful. I am planning on taking some classes so I can learn how to better use my camera. I know that I love going out into my world and just trying to capture the magic and it is usually a spontaneous happening, I see something wonderful and I snap, that is how I love to do it. I also seem to take photos of nature, rocks, bridges, places and things, not many people, people are much more complex and it requires more skill on my part. I am truly out of my comfort zone and I know growth will be the end result.