Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving Away From the Ranting

I have not been posting on this blog for most of the year because I have grown quite tired of my rants about being an individualist which I felt like I needed to get out due to some of the encounters I had on the social network, you know the one. I felt like there was way too much preaching on the virtues of group think. I was tired of reading the craziness and knew that I needed to let them know that I was not one of them. Now that that is done, I plan to talk about other things but, that doesn't negate the possibility of an occasional rant on the subject of individualism.


  1. I agree with you tho I deleted my account...too much chaos!! and I love hearing about individualism so I look forward to those post...most people are too afraid to speak out...it gets you in trouble something I know well but isn't that what being an individual is about...LOL :)

    Enjoy the day!

  2. LOL, yes they will and do go after you when, you dare to stand up and say, I'm not part of that We you are talking about! Thank you for following my blogs!

  3. facebook is such a double-edged sword...i've taken many a break from the craziness. so much of my family is far away that it's a way to keep up with everyone, yet i've been called out a couple times (misunderstood, etc) over a couple of things i've said. but i'll take the heat if i know i've been true to my heart :)

    1. Yes facebook is a trip and I have had many a mob after me on facebook because I dare to not follow the party line. Thank you for checking out my blog!!

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