Saturday, January 29, 2011


Trying to be a photographer is really kicking my butt as I am called on to put myself out there to try and capture images for other people. I know I have bitched and complained about this in the past but for me, it is difficult to take the photo and then have others judge its worth. I said it before and I will say it again, I am not a professional so when I am in these situations, a little of the joy, no, a lot of the joy is taken away from me and replaced with anxiety, but through it all, I get a little satisfaction when I capture something wonderful. I am planning on taking some classes so I can learn how to better use my camera. I know that I love going out into my world and just trying to capture the magic and it is usually a spontaneous happening, I see something wonderful and I snap, that is how I love to do it. I also seem to take photos of nature, rocks, bridges, places and things, not many people, people are much more complex and it requires more skill on my part. I am truly out of my comfort zone and I know growth will be the end result.


  1. I do appreciate that taking pictures is "work," so I am even that much more grateful for the images you have captured. I also consider it (in your case) artistic work and enjoy your vision. I do not feel qualified to police the "amateur/pro" border so I cannot weigh in on that one.

    It is generous of you (and your family) to give this gift that offers us a handle on our memories. That you have handcrafted the handle, just makes it more special.

  2. What comes naturally is a Gift from the Divine, it is something we possessed from the inside. No one can put a grade or price on that...

  3. Thank you the two of you for your comments. I enjoy taking photos to tell my story.