Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Been Missing

Yesterday I had such a wonderful time at Hummingbird cottage for the very reason that it was the first time in about two years that I had a guest in the cafe. I think I am spending far too much time alone and although I am told that in several of my past lives, I was a monk, and that much of my life was spent in isolation in prayer and meditation, being alone too much bugs the crap out of me in this life time. I love seeing the faces of my visitors when I open the door to my magical jewel box of a dwelling. I know that it is a special place that I have filled with all sorts of trinkets, talismans, shells, bones, colors, sounds, fragrances, and more but will my guest get it? It turns out that when I follow my intuition as to whom I invite to my cottage, I am always on point because they are magical beings also and can totally enjoy what I have created.

1 comment:

  1. So nice to visit your cyber dwelling too after some time, feeling the special energy even here.
    Sometimes you forget how good great company is :)