Sunday, July 5, 2009

Women as saviors?

I hear a lot of women and now men talking about women being the ones that will have to save the world from this dangerous path that we are on. These people feel as though we as women are righteous in ways that men are not. We are peace loving and nurturers and are the only ones that can save the planet at this point. Well, I think that much of this is bullshit! I see many women that are haters of other women. Unfortunately, many women do not trust one another and they stab each other any chance that they get, so, I do not think one gender or the other will save the planet. It is and will be the highly evolved enlightened individual that will choose to live on a higher level, that will refuse to live by the low mediocre standards of the collective. These people will create their worlds in their own image and eventually, it will trickle down to the mainstream thereby saving them once again.

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