Friday, July 24, 2009


I asked my husband how interested he was in being a full time hipster? "Do you want a little or a lot, or just a balance," was my question to him because I am starting to get a lot of invitations to shows, art gallery openings, and even a plays. So if we wanted to go full out, we could literally be out and about everyday but I don't know that we could keep up that kind of pace. Tonight we went out to watch our daughter do her thing in a sabar dance class and if I must say so myself, she is the best! But back to my point, we are trying to find the happy medium, we need to be out and about so we can feed the artist in us, and then maybe we can each get back to our painting. So we decided to go for the healthy balance as not to wear ourselves out. We don't want to go out just to be out, if we are not fully engaged in the activity, it isn't worth it. We are not out and about just to be seen by others we are out gathering energy to carry back to hummingbird cottage where our creativity will flourish.

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