Friday, July 31, 2009

Stolen Legacy

Kemet, mighty Kemet, Black land, land of the Blacks, an ancient Black, as in people, Nile valley civilization. That's right, this mighty civilization ,which none have been able to duplicate, was created by Black people and maybe only for the last hundred or so years, western civilization has been trying to claim it as their creation. Kmt got its start as part of an even larger empire, the Kushite empire. I bring all of this up because in a couple of weeks or so , I will go with my family to the De Young Museum in San Francisco to view the exhibit of King Tutankhamun, an ancient ancestor, and the place will be full of people not of African decent claiming and taking credit for a civilization that they did not contribute to. I know that the others came in as invaders at the end of the Kmt empire that lasted for thousands of years but , that doesn't mean that they then get to take credit for what they had no hand in creating. I just hope I am able to stomach the energy of swimming in a sea of lies. That is what the exhibition hall will feel like for me and at other times, I have run from these halls to find out who was in charge to let them know that I knew that they are feeding the public lies. I will try to control my emotions but, I dare anyone to speak those lies out loud! It is one thing to have them written in books but, if they dare to speak these lies the out loud in my presence, I will speak the truth equally as loud.

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