Tuesday, June 30, 2009

filled with energy

I am so filled up with the vortex energy that I just want to sit alone in my house for a few days but unfortunately, I have got to go out tomorrow for a couple of hours and talk with women. I hope I will not blow all of my energy out. I think I can hold on to the magic by telling them stories of lights hovering over the cliffs, a possible ufo sighting, or maybe about the sounds we heard in the wind. I spent the day reading about ufo encounters, portals, inter-dimensional travels, invisible e.t.s and big foot all of this happening in Sedona. I am vibrating at a higher frequency and at times, I feel a little anxious, so I plan to stay off the streets and to ground some of this energy. As soon as I got home from Sedona, I changed all of my jewelry to stones because that is what I knew I needed to do. I also gave myself a crystal treatment. That's it for now.

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