Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pure Joy

I am overjoyed every time I see my little grandson, he is a powerful being that has much to do so he, arrived almost three months early. He has strength beyond his years and as one woman told me, she thought he came to the planet to do great things. I am excited to see who this little guy will grow into because he is taking the family lineage in a new direction. His dad is Russian with Jewish heritage and to top it all off he was born in Siberia. On my side of the family, there is the obvious and the maybe not so obvious is, the muskogee(aka creek) ancestry from Oklahoma, on my mother's side. I like the fact that both Siberia and the indigenous people of this continent have a shamanic tradition as part of there culture. It is possible that he might learn to speak Russian first because I am told that he gets so excited when his dad speaks to him. His dad is excited about passing on his Russian heritage and we are on point, making sure that he is also strongly rooted in his African american heritage. When I look at him I am overwhelmed to see this little boy who weighed only 1 pound and 15 ounces at birth, growing stronger and coming into a sense of self .

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