Thursday, June 11, 2009

I got it in the bag

When I was a kid growing up, I was the oldest of five girls and one boy. Both of my parents were there, so , that means I lived in an apartment with seven other people. I rarely had a moment to myself and I definitely didn't have my own space. As a result, I had several ways of creating my own space but one of my main ways was through the use of my bag, purse, back pack, my world. My bag/purse became my way of having private space, it contained my magic, it carried the things that I needed to transform any environment into my own personal space. My sisters and I walked around the house carrying our bags because they contained our personal mojo. We often admired each others bags and made comments like, "Your purse looks like fun," because we just knew that inside of those bags, each one of us carried our personal totems that could transform time and space for us, all we had to do was open them and reach inside. All of these feelings about my bag came back to me when I was in Peet's the other day. I looked around and saw all of these individuals sitting at tables, alone, except usually their bags had its own chair and the table was filled with all of the personal possessions that helped them establish their space in this public gathering spot. These bags carried phones, ipods, computers, journals, sketchbooks, and much, much more. These bags/purses/back packs make it possible for people to go into public spaces and feel so at home because, they surrounded by objects that carry their personal mana. My bag carries my magic and I am rarely without it!

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