Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flying through the air

I fly through the air with the greatest of ease, say what? This is how I felt tonight when I spoke my truth. I was flying, I was jubilant and proud of myself for not caving because maybe it would be taken the wrong way. In a world were individualism, self-fullness, is not valued, I will stand up and let people know that it is valued by me and , I do not care if I am alone in this! In this world were materialism is said to be equal to immorality and a general lacking in positivity and caring for fellow human beings , I stand up to say that if one lacks morality do not blame it on the material possessions, the fault lies in the individual not in the things he or she owns. I have a lot of possessions and I am enjoying all of my things and my life is filled with positivity. My possessions do not get in the way of my joy and they never make me mistreat others. Goodness, righteousness, joy, compassion, these attributes come from within the person not from the possessions.

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