Friday, June 12, 2009

Revolutionary Road-Life in the burbs

I just finished watching a disturbing, sad, well acted incredibly interesting movie, "Revolutionary Road." The acting in the movie was first class but I was fascinated by their portrayal of life in the suburbs as an empty hopeless place where people dwell in a constant state, as Thoreau put it, " of quiet desperation." I said, hold up wait a minute, I live in the surburbs and this is not the reality of my life. So then I starting wondering, what makes people give up their dreams and their individuality and join the collective, the pod? What makes a couple buy a beautiful home to live in and then proceed to stop living and to start just existing and buying time in hopes that something will come along and break them out of their mundane lives?Every time I do a post, I try to find a picture that will illustrate what I am talking about. I looked for a photo of a road and this is what I came up with, a labyrinth and for me it is fitting. For you see, I think that the most revolutionary road one can take is the one that takes you on an inward journey where you can discover your authentic self, your truth, your joy, your dreams and aspirations, your personal style. Once you discover these things about and for yourself, you can live any where in the universe and create beauty and magic.

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