Sunday, June 14, 2009

Can I save them?

Many many times when I am listening to people talk, I really wish that I had the power to save them from their worse enemy, "themselves," but, that just isn't the way the game is played. Tonight I put my two cents into a conversation about love and then, had accepted the fact that it was impossible for them to understand what I was saying, so, I opted out of the monologues and went on with my night. These younger women were equating love to with suffering and pain and I was trying to point out that the things that gave them pain were betrayal or lost of a love one, not, love itself. But in the end, they just were not hearing what I was talking about. I know that many people listen to Oprah, and one day I heard her try to explain to an audience of women that, "love doesn't hurt." That is it! So in the end, I decided to leave the women alone in hopes that they would figure it out because this was not my dilemma and if I kept expressing the joy that love brought me, they may start to resent me, but, I just had to make sure that I let them know that love is not pain, sorrow, suffering, love is the sweetness of life. If you think of love as risk, suffering and pain, that is what you will always attract. It comes from within you, you manifest your reality , so if you expect the worst, the pain and suffering, guess what, that is exactly what you get. Love is the force that holds my sacred universe together.

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  1. Beautiful post and thank you for reaffirming my thoughts now!