Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Booted from the Girls Club

Today I was part of a conversation on so called "dead beat dads," which I thought was crappy timing seeing that father's day is this weekend! I didn't start the conversation but I sure stirred the pot by suggesting that women take responsibility for the men that they allow into their lives. I said that they chose these jackasses and that they should take full responsibility for having done so. Well, a couple of men agreed with me, and I laughed because I just knew that I was getting myself into deep poo poo! I think the woman that made the initial statement referred to my post as silly because I brought up the fact that there are many great dads and I wished them happy father's day. She said that that was a different conversation, and that every time they try to have this discussion, somebody starts saying that they are bashing good fathers and that that is silly. But what really bothered her was , me suggesting that they chose jackasses and that they should take responsibility for that, and she said, you can't be serious, no woman knowingly chooses a jackass. My point is that we are powerful beings and, we create our realities, our lives. So, we choose who we allow to come into our lives. We also choose to create heavenly lives or hellish lives. We are not victims, we are powerful beings!

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