Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baking day

Well it is the 23rd of December and , I will spend the day baking pies, cakes and my yummy brownies. For years I spent my christmas day cooking and missed out on all of the festivities, I wasn't using my brain. Now, I cook my christmas feast on the 24th so that I am free on christmas to kick back and watch all of the joy that I have created for my family. Yesterday, I finally got my work title straight, when asked "what do you do," my answer will be aside from, paint, write, read, and play my guitar, I will add, I am an event planner, personal shopper, proprietor of Hummingbird Cottage and oh yes as Charlie reminded me, treasurer. That is a mouth full but I do all of this and more. I create magic and make dreams come true for myself and my family.

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