Monday, February 22, 2010

It's All Me

I am an alchemist when it comes to creating outfits to wear, I spin flyness from bones, crystals, candles and frankincense. I am so serious because I create my fits as I go and if you looked in my closet, you wouldn't see how I "do what I do." It is magical and I continually surprise myself and my family. This week alone, I have created some fabulous looks. People often ask me where I come from because they would like know that my flyness is attached to some other country because, this certainly can't be an american thing. I have had people get very disappointed when I said, "San Francisco," they said, "no, I mean before that, where are you originally from?" I tell them, that I was born in Texas but arrived in San Francisco when I was three and then, they get very disappointed, they exhale deeply and walk away. I am left feeling a little weird, as if they thought I was some kind of fake because I was not actually from some exotic country. I really didn't know what to tell them but one day it came to me. "It's all me," is my simple answer. This is my personal alchemy, my magic, it is not attributed to any tribe, group, country, it is all me.


  1. Ha ha! I know this feeling-for folks seem disappointed when I tell them I was born in New Orleans...though I have been to 25 states in my childhood-I cant really say Im from 'anywhere'-I had plan to say that I was from 'everywhere' when anyone ask me where I was from..but my friend introduce her son to me and said "this is my friend, she is from 'No-where'..Ha! I like this response better..

  2. I recently told someone that I am from my parents and myself and the ocean.