Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is by definition, valueless! My daughter got married on Oct. 17th and many wished her luck and preached to her about the practice of unconditional love and how this should be her goal in order to have a successful marriage. Well, this is crazy as far as I am concerned because in all my years, I have not been able to find any value in unconditional love. What makes it so special, why do the masses embrace this concept and, how many people actually practice it? If you do not have any conditions then, you are free to love the first person that comes along be it rapist, preacher, healer, murderer, whatever, whomever, they are all the same. So in that case, what is so valuable about this relationship? Maybe they are saying that once you find that special someone , and you get into a serious relationship or marriage, you should drop all conditions and continue loving this person no matter what may come. If I followed this logic, I would not be in my loving marriage of thirty-one years because I would still be married to, and loving unconditionally, the abusive jackass who was my first husband. The kind of love I practice is all about conditions, expectations and values. As a matter of fact I am in the market for a new word to express my relationship and what I feel for my husband and children because the word love is being used in all types of situations and for all things and as a result, for me, it is losing a lot of the magical energy it once had.

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