Saturday, November 14, 2009

Healthcare Reform

I really hope that the senate will not pass the so called healthcare bill which is a bill that will take away more of our freedoms. It is a round about way of making it difficult for women to get abortions and who knows what else is hidden in it. Obama compared it to car insurance, which for the most part is you giving your money away for protection, but, I don't need the government trying to force me to do anything when it comes to my health. So everyone in the U.S. would be forced under threat of fine, into purchasing health insurance. The insurance companies win and will probably help fund his campaign for reelection. I try not to listen to Obama's speeches or interviews because frankly, they creep me out and are very reminiscent of listening to Bush. Of course he is a brilliant speaker unlike Bush but like Bush, I hear a hidden agenda behind all of his words, so I turn it off.
I do not trust or want the government to run the so called healthcare system in this country because I fear what type of new world order hidden agenda is behind their drive to take over and manage our health. Already, they are using propaganda to try and frighten us into taking the very dangerous swine flu shot and if the fear mongering fails, they have talked about the possibility of making it mandatory. Obama is a constitutional lawyer but like Bush, he is stomping all over the document.

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