Friday, November 20, 2009

Runoko Rashidi

The so called scholar, Runoko Rashidi dropped me from his facebook page this week because I had the nerve to, one, question his intention concerning a fire starting topics that he initiated, and two,because I informed him that as a Black woman in America, I am not damaged. Well, me telling him that I was not damaged seemed to ignite anger in him and another male fan on his page. Rashidi kicked me off his page with the parting words of, "by your email it seems that you have it all together and I wish you nothing but the best." Whoa so let me get this right, I am not allowed to have it all together without offending him? He gets to make the statement that as African people, we are very damaged and, I am not allowed to question this statement without drawing his disapproval. One of his fans told me that I was delusional and needed to do some self-assessment because any Black person living in a country that is under the yoke of white supremacy can not state that, they are not damaged. I battled him through emails for a couple of days before he asked me to pardon any of his statements that I found offensive. Look, the bottom line is that you can be as damaged as you choose to be, but do not attempt to put me in that damaged boat with you. I believe that the doctrine and practice of white supremacy is out of my control so I will not allow other people's illnesses to drag my life down, I go around it, under, over or push my way through it and I keep right on stepping.


  1. I totally agree. Over the years, especially in college, I had so many Black folks try to pull me into that "struggling, damaged" box they were in. Everything was "we can't do this or that because we're Black." They saw their heritage as a limitation. I think being Black is a powerful and magical thing. And the more one invokes he opposite, saying it means being damaged, or somehow a lesser person, the more that becomes THEIR reality. I'm glad you stood up and declared your own well-being! What's wrong with that?

  2. You are not alone, I got booted off too for similar reasons.