Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Reality

I am always talking about creating my own reality but it is just as important, if not more, to consciously create my virtual reality also. I recently met with one of my facebook friends in the real world and she was fantastic and we had so much fun laughing, talking and having tea and sandwiches at a lovely english style tea room. By managing my facebook page and rejecting most of the requests that come through and dumping all of the false prophets, I have a pretty cool eclectic group of friends, people that I would love to meet in the real world. I keep my numbers low and manageable and try to touch bases with all of the people or at least I have actually communicated with them at some point and they have written back. When I find someone that has never said anything to me, especially if they have over a thousand friends, I drop them because I know that there is nothing special about me remaining on this person's friend list. I am excited to get an opportunity to meet them in the real world and if that doesn't go well, I drop them from my friends list because in reality, I only want facebook friends that I would actually want to know in the world of the real!

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