Friday, March 5, 2010

Letter Writing

One of the best things that I did for myself/my spirit so far this year is, to come together with five other like spirited sistahs as pen pals. Now my already fabulous life has been made more lush by the simple delight of writing personal letters and receiving wonderful multi-layered creative letters, cards and artwork in return. By participating in this simple but powerful ritual, my life has expanded ten fold. We are, all of us, magicians in the act of creating wonder filled lives for ourselves and for all of those who come who bask in our energy. To the mundane eye, letter writing can seem like a tired old fashioned practice but to wise women, it has become an act of power.


  1. I do I do understand U! I too luv this now becoming an art of the past-letter writiing and before email and text came into the picture use to pen pal with friends from school and in my past life...
    I too will start this positive habit again...
    gratitude shown for the reminder

  2. I absolutely love the feeling I have when a new letter arrives. All of my penpals are so creative so they send wonderful treasures of art.