Monday, March 29, 2010

Never Be Afraid to Stand Alone

Most people that I encounter are so afraid to go against the group, the mob, the community, the race, the gender but as a true individualist, you have to know that most of the time you will stand alone. In the past few days everybody is buzzing about Erykah Badu's new video and what concerns them is her nudity but what is really exciting is her declaration to not be controlled by the collective and their fear tactics. There is always a understanding that in standing up as an individualist, the collective mob may view you as a threat and try to take you out, to assassinate you physically or try character assassination like they did to Michael Jackson. Most people I encounter are members of the collective and rarely stray from the borg mind, they talk the same, dress the same, listen to the same music, they all embrace the same thing at the same time and they all believe that they are individuals at the same time as a group. What I am saying is that there are a lot of people who are deciding as a group to jump on the individualist bandwagon by claiming that this is who they have been all the time but once again it is actually the group mind deciding that it will claim individuality the way that they claimed spirituality or wearing locs. I have been an individualist for five decades and when I looked around while doing a full moon ritual, I didn't see any other Black folks. Black folks have been some of the worst collectivist because very often diversity has been ridiculed! When my children had locs thirty years ago, Black people were brutal and tried to make our lives miserable but they could not shake me or my family members because we reject the collective mindset. But now, the collective has embraced dreadlocks as an official style and they have stripped away the uniqueness and have opted for a unified look, thin and all the same length, tamed and whipped into a hairstyle and this is cool as long as you do not try to ridicule those that choose to leave their dreadlocks to grow freely in all types of varying shapes and sizes. Dreadlocks as metaphor for life, I am growing freely unimpeded by the collective mind.


  1. Soooo true... I love this blog of yours Sistar. I find my person in areas that are so unique and naturaly beautiful all the time. One might call these locations back roads. I am a earthy person who loves the outdoors and exploration. I am in most cases the only indengenous American (black) in these locations, it been fine with me for I am comfortable where ever I find myself and with whom ever the journey has place there for that space to be shared. Stye is of personsal choice, and you definity have accompished that: The Talibah's STYLE!!! :) By the way where is this cafe? I must visit or have I? ~The Empress

  2. When my sons moved out, I transformed their old room into, Hummingbird cafe and have had many friends from around the world come and hang out with me. I used to tell them, now you know this isn't a real cafe, I created it for myself but they would tell me, yes it is! I have had a lot of fun times hanging out in my cafe that always has a seat for me.

  3. Greetings,

    I don't know how you found my blog...I changed the name , it is no longer "lifeisamazingalways", however, I don't know how you found this one either "shebabrooks", but there must be a divine reason...tune folks are tune I just wanted to say literally the week I had an outburst out of character in the work place...I cried everyday, because the devil penetrated my peace...then Erykah's video debuted, and I am like wow thank you thank you universe...the tune folks are tune forks...I read both of Ayn Rands books beginning last year, Fountain Head, and Atlas Shrugged, and the woman was absolutely a genious...waaay ahead of her time...interesting what we gravitate to...I repeat, the tune folks are tune forks...

    Peace, and thanks for the response...reply on my blog so I can follow...