Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nature Speaks

Nature is my great teacher! I am not a religious person at all. By spending time in nature, I have experienced the sacred holiness of life and nature has healed me at the worst of times in my life so I know her power. The day my father died, I went to my favorite beach and climb on rocks that protruded quite far into the ocean. I sat there with my sweetie and a few crabs running over the rocks and cried. I let the healing power of Yemonja wash over me and felt so much better when I left. When my mom died and I was feeling very troubled about her passing, I was out on the bay marshlands in Palo Alto and asked a question and suddenly out of nowhere, a huge flock of birds few all around me and brushed pass my body but did not hurt me and I had my answer. I used to plant quartz crystals all around San Francisco in nature spots. I planted crystals on twin peaks and then laid my body on the bosom of Pacha mama for a healing. I love going to Muir Woods where me and tree can exchange energy, we both exhale and then breathe each other in and we are nurtured.

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