Monday, August 24, 2009

Cool places

I went out looking for things to photograph and I found it in this building in San Francisco called the African American Art and Culture Complex but many years ago, we just called it the western addition where we went to take dance, capoeira, drumming and once a year, we would go there to celebrate Kwanzaa. Now, they have added a couple of art galleries, some murals and some new paint to the mix and re-opened to the delight of the community but still when we went last saturday, aside from us and the security guard who acted like we were suspect for even walking in the door, the building was empty. The week before at the grand re-opening, someone posted pictures showing crowds of people standing around while they cut the ribbon and they all poured into the complex, even former San Francisco mayor, Willie Brown was present, so what happened? It must be the same as before, not new and improved but, still paid for by the city thereby giving the people that are running things no incentive to fill the building with paying visitors. It doesn't matter if anybody ever shows up, they will still get paid. So although it is a cool looking place filled with some cool things, I am still waiting for it to really become an art and culture complex.

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