Monday, August 31, 2009

Public Schools

Why is it that only the predominately black public schools force children to wear uniforms? What is up with that, how dare they try to destroy the child's individuality. But it is only our children who they are trying to program into being borg followers, white children for the most part, are allowed to wear what they want as long as it is not too sexual. I would not put my child in a public school like that. My children once went to a private school that started to wear uniforms and my children were always finding ways to get around their restrictions, to express their individual styles while still adhering to the rules. You could always accessorize but now, in some schools they are even trying to put restrictions on any type of creativity. In the end, we had to leave because we lost respect for the staff because of their attempts to teach our children to be collectivist. I am glad my children are grown, but I worry about my grandchildren growing up in this world where individuality is not respected, it is vilified by the collective.


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  2. Cool, Harmony is an individualist! She's a winner!