Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jewelry as Talismans

I love love love all of my jewelry and I am loving my new silver rose, but while I am enjoying it all and loving the way it makes me feel for many, it is a source of irritation. I realize that american women find it odd when they find out that I wear it 24/7, they don't understand how I can sleep in it. I tell them that when I enter the dreamtime, I like to be fully adorned, it makes me happy. There is a lot of irritation that I, one person who is not a queen or a movie star, should be allowed to have so much jewelry or to flaunt myself by wearing it all at once but , I inform them that I am not wearing it all at once, are you kidding me, this is just one collection. One of my daughter's friends, a man, asked, "how is your mom and all of her jewelry? When her granddaughter turns 18, she can cash it all in to pay for her college education!" I said WTF is he talking about? So in his mind I can only have what I have if others will benefit in some way. What kind of communist bullshit is that!

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  1. Hi,

    a message from the Netherlands:

    your rings are incredible beautiful. I like to study your hands. It's even sexy to see. I'm sorry. In other words: The pictures of you wearing your jewelry are special for me.