Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama speaks!

What the hell is President Obama thinking? Why does he feel like he should have a private conversation with the children of America? Children do not vote so shouldn't he be too busy fixing the economy, to take time out to talk to our children? I find it very creepy and I don't trust the government at all. The children of America already know to stay in school and to try and do their best so what could he possibly want to tell them that their parents haven't already told them. He is not campaigning, he has already won so it is time to stop all of the town hall meetings and get to work on correcting the mess that is spiraling out of control. I really hope that he is not planning on talking to the American children about service through volunteerism or about the need to get swine flu shots. It seems like a bad and bold move and I really don't like the idea of him doing this.


  1. I don't agree with your statement. African American's have dropout rates that are alarming in public schools. Every household does not have a parent who cares about their childs education. You must look on both sides...Not every household has a male who is encouraging success...

  2. It is not the job of the President to be a father figure(or a big brother!). The President/governments job is to protect individuals and their property from aggression. If we condition young people to think of the President as a father figure we can expect dictatorship in the not too distant future.

  3. Spacedread-I no longer know what the "presidents" role is and I believe we have been tremendously mis-educated...It is not rappers, celebrities, cult leaders, preachers etc. to be role models either, however many look up to these figures for what is lacking in their lives, that is how the masses have been conditioned...If you think we are free then you are lost in the dreads of your space...In particular the face who we call the president is already transitioning what we call U.S "us" that's why he is there its more digestible for him to make "change" then one who holds the same face as the previous 43...minus Abraham Lincoln he was actually the first to make "change" and also of mixed race...

  4. ShebaBrooks-

    "If you think we are free then you are lost in the dreads of your space"

    What was your reason for writing this? Also, what does this even mean?