Monday, September 14, 2009

Forced Role Models

I hate the whole idea of role models because this title is usually forced on the individual that has achieved something wonderful in their life and once the masses find out about it, they attempt to covet what is not theirs to claim. The individual who has worked hard to reach their goal is then told that they owe their success to the group, their race, the collective, the mob and now, it is their responsibility to give back to the community. Oprah loves to tell people who achieve greatness that it is their duty, she says, "to whom much is given, much is expected." Her statement negates all of the work that the individual has done by stating that it was given to them, by who, and that she expects them to give back to the community, but why? Did the community actually contribute in any real way to the achievement of this individual? Who is this community that she is speaking of? Many of the individuals that she makes this statement to have come from some of the worst neighborhoods in which they were lucky to get out alive, and many of them went to sub standard schools, so what do they owe to these communities? I think that if an individual wants to give money, help and time to a community, organization or individuals, that is their choice, but the idea of a group demanding that a person that has achieved something outstanding is in some way obligated to help them is sickening to me. How dare people try to force a person to accept the title "role model" and all of the responsibility that comes with this title, and to tell them that they do not have a choice, the group has chosen them. This individual can choose to be a mentor if they want to but the mob has no right to make any claims on his or her life. This individual that has achieved something that the group, the race, the collective admires and holds in high esteem owes nothing to the community except perhaps a thank you.

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