Monday, September 7, 2009

Metaphysics vs Science

I think it is time for the new agers, people that study and teach metaphysics to come up with their own language and stop using the language of western science to try and make their understandings and teachings of how the universe works, sound more legitimate! The so called new age teachings are much older than western science and indigenous cultures all over the planet had and still have their own language , that preceded western science, to explain the nature of the universe, so it can be done. When metaphysics/the nature of the universe is explained in the language of western science, they leave themselves wide open to ridicule. Using terms like frequency, particles, waves and in many cases, even the way they explain energy is in direct contradiction to the laws and rules of western science. In my opinion, the ancient teachings on the nature of the universe are way out in front of western science because western thought is still climbing out of the dark ages so why hold them up as the ones that need to sanction your sacred teachings. There are already an ancient languages to explain the nature of the universe, look to the ancient Nile Valley civilizations, the ancient Indus Valley civilizations , Tibet, Peru, Native Americans, the Dogon, and many many more. It is a language rich in symbols and infused with magic and power which western science lacks. Many shaman, priestesses, priests and others, use western scientific terms while thumbing their noses at it. Drop it and do your own thing, use your own language, your own cosmology to explain what you think is going on.

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