Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am tired of the word "spiritual," because the masses are using it every chance they get. The word spiritual , used to have a lot of magical energy attached to it but now, it really doesn't invoked any positive feelings for me, in fact, I cringe when I hear it. Occasionally I still use it but I am working hard to find a new word that describes the magical world that I live in. So many have flocked to this so called spiritual life path but most of them seem to be doing it for profit and I don't have anything against that as long as I get my money's worth. Do not hang your shingle up if you just got into the so called "spiritual life," last week or, two to three books ago. I mean, you can hang it out but do not expect me to show up. There are many wonderful teachers on the planet right now that are trying to help with this great cosmic shift that is occurring and I love being in their presence but at the same time there are also what I like to call, spiritual pimps, who are rushing to the forefront trying to make money with their superficial understanding of the universal laws. They use the word "spiritual/spirituality" in every sentence just to try and trick you into thinking they are the real deal and they have managed to taint the meaning of this once beautiful word. So, personally I am abandoning my use of the word spiritual/spirituality.

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