Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pull your Pants Up

I am so tired of hearing the retarded call for people to pull their pants up and I know that I have said it before but, stop trying to shame and apply mob pressure to get individuals to adhere to your standards and mores. From now on, if any of my facebook friends call for this shit, I am dropping them from my list. Come on people, one person pulling their pants up is not going to make all of the problems that exist in some African American communities, go away because they did not start because people chose to sag, so, stop scapegoating individuals and holding them responsible for everything that is wrong in Black America. I think the real problem stems from not being able to break away from the collective and take responsibility for your own life and judge for yourself what is right and wrong. African Americans are a very diverse group so stop trying to squash us down and cram us into one collective mind that cannot make a move unless the group approves.

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