Friday, January 15, 2010

Me Old

It is funny not so ha ha, when I tell some women my age, and they immediately try to tuck me away into some neat little mama box, or the old lady box, the non-threatening and at least she is no competition box. I have been walking in beauty for 59 years and ever year my bloom gets larger and I find more and more to be excited about in life. It really is impossible for me to ever be old because it simply is not in my nature and if you spend any time around me, you will discover that about me. My husband is the same, forever youthful and together we are having a ball celebrating and experiencing the magical life that we have created. People will try to age you because it makes them feel better and more secure in who they are and where they think they stand but an individualist never concerns themselves with how others see them. So, I am off to a grand start in this last year of my fifth decade on planet earth, and I am dancing my joy all the way into my sixth decade.


  1. I love that you spoke on this. You can't be put in a box, you would hang out terribly. Youth is eternal, everything rests in the mind.