Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Personal Style

It is 2am in the morning and I can not sleep so I guess this is as good a time as any to talk about my personal style of dress and the importance of staying true to myself and what makes me happy. There have been times when I have censored or thought of censoring my dress in order not to call too much attention to myself but most of the time, I had a good talk with myself and aborted such a self sacrificing act, but on a few occasions, I doused my light, just a little because of some critical voice in my head. For example, when we first moved to the suburbs, everyone was so plain and bland in their dress, and I stood out because, to date, I have had locs for twenty-seven years and for most of that time, my hair while utterly beautiful to me, was seen as an abomination to others and, I stood out in a crowd. So, in the suburbs, I would wear my jeans and on the weekends when I would always leave my bland environment, I would dress like a colorful butterfly emerging from its cocoon. This actually went on for several years before I saw the damage to my being and put a stop to it. Now, I know that hanging on to my personal sense of style is so important to my well being. I am not interested in following the styles as determined by designers , when I am "doing me" full out, I feel strong, sassy, powerful, beautiful and fly! My motto is "flyness is a must." There are always those that will try to make you get back into line by giggling, asking dumb ass questions or just staring like idiots. When this happens, my walk gets that much sassier and I stomp the runway.

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