Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Black Magic

I just finished watching the end of E.T. and I wondered why in the hell there are no magical tales starring Black children? I mean, Harry Potter had a couple on the sidelines but never a central character in these tales.  Now, Disney is coming out with a movie about a black princess that kisses a frog that claims to he is a prince and surprise, she turns into a frog, a frog!  Well, I can't really get mad at disney for making the movie they want to make but where are all of the black writers and film makers.  We are busy writing the same stories about the ghetto and living in the streets and there is no magic on the streets only death, struggle, deception and heartache.  Nothing magical about that.  And who am I to complain, I write and I live a magical life but I do not know if I want to try and write my world down in the form of a story for all to take in.  

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