Thursday, May 28, 2009

Individual rights over the rule of the mob

Today I went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts and I really enjoyed being there with two of my children and my little grandson, who slept the entire time.  That part of my day was enjoyable but it seems that the bulk of my day was spent doing battle on facebook with a woman that was part of a mob that started on facebook group who's sole purpose is to infringe on an  individual's right to wear the clothes of their choosing. It seems these people have decided that young people who wear sagging pants are " idiots and ghetto automatons."  They are pawns being used for a more sinister purpose of which they are just too dumb to figure out.  So this group really has their well being in mind and they just want to help them to be better people.  Bullshit!!!  As we got deeper into our debate which started yesterday and is still going on right now, she started to state that these kids look like idiots and this clothing trend, their music  and the environment and culture in which they participate is being handed to them by forces that are out to destroy them.  She also felt  that the act of  wearing the sagging pants showed how rampant low esteem is in these youths. She basically attributed all of the woes of the African American community on the sagging pants and underwear of these young people.  For me the whole thing boiled down to the rights of the individual over the rule of the mob.  A lot of these people want the government to outlaw sagging pants and a few southern states have actually passed laws prohibiting sagging, this is some really dangerous shit, next they will  pass laws to prohibit the wearing of dreadlocks!

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