Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So what goes on in this town?

While sitting in what I like to call my cafe,  which in actuality is Peet's coffee and it seems the best we can do in my town  I heard a woman ask the man she was sitting with, "So what goes on in your town," I must have missed his answer even though I was listening very intensely.  Maybe he said nothing and quickly, very quickly moved on but this question got me  thinking, what the hell does go on in this town?  This is the city I have been living in for probably more than 15 years, or maybe 20, I simply never wanted to count.  My favorite saying use to be, "I live here but I have a car so I can go away from here."  So, maybe it is time for me to explore and find out for sure if anything goes on in this place.  Is there any beauty to be found other than my home, Hummingbird Cottage?  I have never really thought of photographing anything in my city, I don't even consider it my city since I have spent most of my years in San Francisco, but, I think I should make that my anthropological project.  Yes, I am a trained anthropologist(10 years SFSU), so I should try and excavate the hidden civilization .  Of course it would be sad if in the end there really isn't anything worth  discovering but not totally unexpected.

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