Friday, May 15, 2009

The truth

The truth is that most people in my life have no real idea who I am and this is because unless they challenge me, I leave them alone to believe anything they want.  I have already stated that I am an individualist and in my cafe, I have decided to tell it like it is.  Here it goes, there are two big, big revelations, number one, I am Black in america and I do not vote and therefore, I did not vote for President Obama.  WTF!!! I can hear it now.  And the second revelation is, I think this, going green, green revolution, reducing your carbon footprint movement is, a bunch of bullshit!!!  Yes I said it, I am not buying it at all and most people are just blindly going along with this crap, never questioning it.  Okay, the two biggies are out there and the reason I have stated these two first is because they are the most pressing because they have the possibility of ruining my life as I know it.  I will get into more detail in the coming days but for now, I have put it out there and I am surrounding myself in an aura of divine love and protection as I type this.


  1. I might have to watch my back if word every really gets out to some people who just assumed they knew what I would do.

  2. I know this is an old post but would you mind explaining why you don't believe in "going green?"

    Do you not believe that there are serious environmental issues or do you not believe that your individual actions (positive or negative) are enough to have real consequences on the environment?

    Or is this a part of your philosophy of being self-ful and enjoying your life and not worrying about the greater consequences of your actions on others or the environment?

    I ask this not to judge or be funny but because I am honestly curious to know your reasoning behind your beliefs.


  3. I don't "believe in following any mass movements and for me, going green is one of those movements. As far as the natural world, I know that I am not separate and I feel and embrace my connection and I live my life in accordance. I simply do not need government or any group to try and regulate and force me into living my life in accordance with their agenda and for me, that is what the green movement is all about, controlling people's personal lives. They ban plastic which means that more trees will be used to provide paper or whole industries will pop up to sell you re-usable stuff. If they really care about the environment why is it that I don't hear of any of these groups questioning the chemtrails that line our skies everyday throughout the world? No, I do not truth movements because they have a history of using people to push the agenda of those at the top. I do not need the going green movement to teach me how to respect the earth, my mommy taught me how to do that and the rest I learned on my own by staying close to the pacha mama.