Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Love(author's name unknown)

A mother's love is like a star
that shines above both near and far
those clouds may dim her light so fair
yet all the time her star is there.

This is a poem that my mom hung on the wall of our bedroom and we put music to the words and therefore never forgot the lyrics.

Now for my poem, written about 10 years ago.

Many things that I am
I ciphered from your being

I sit in my warmly colorful garden
and daydream about your essence

I walk the earth in beauty borrowed
from your loveliness

Creativity springs from me the way
I sprung from your womb
naturally, effortlessly

I believed in magic as I watched
you transform reality

I learned to open myself up to the universe
and trust my instincts because you
followed your inner voice

You loved to sing
and the sounds that sprung forth
were indigenous to this land
so I've learned to tap into this land

You were African and Muskogee
and some where inside
I possess ancient rememberings
that I manifest in my life

I am so blessed
to have chosen Willie Harmon, mommy
to come through

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