Friday, May 22, 2009

You're an Elitist!

while I was waiting for my son in the dentist office, I watch a television show in which a woman owned a cafe and decided to stop serving fancy pastries and switch to only selling bagels w/cream cheese and glaze donuts. The barista that worked for her said, "you might as well start serving instant coffee." and she said, "You are way ahead of me, this is going to save me a lot of money." Flash forward a few days and the clientele looks and sounds totally different. The barista complains to the owner that the conversations in the cafe have gone from, "does god exist, to do you know if it is going to rain?" The owner called him an elitist. So let me get this right, because he wanted to be surrounded by people that were in search of a deeper understanding of life, that makes him an elitist because he wasn't satisfied with the orgy of small talk. I take this personally because some goofy chick recently called me an elitist because I became a member of "the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society," and because I asked her if the line that had formed was for the non-members? She spewed out, "oh, you are such an elitist, acting like you are the only one that can join this group." In the end I was right and all of the members were already inside and only non-members were standing in that line. I am simply going for the best out of life, having great new experiences, doing my thing on planet earth, and all haters can step the fuck off. So if wanting to surround myself with the best of life makes me an elitist, so be it!

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