Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ridding myself of self-less acts one by one

Since I have decided to rid my life of selfless acts, a lot of stuff has come up to make me live up to this proclamation, but today, I backslid and almost got into an accident.  Yes, I decided to change lanes on the freeway this morning, not because it was for my own good but because I was doing it for the jackass behind me and just as I started moving out of the lane, I looked up and saw several big pieces of wood in the lane where I was coming across.  Well, I swerved to miss the pile but one piece hit my car and at this point, I knew that I had done the wrong thing. A damn selfless act!!!  There was nothing in it for me and as a result, I narrowly avoided an accident.  So, I have to be on constant guard against these  random acts of  selflessness.  Since I decided to be self-full, Charlie has moved his art back into his ownstudio space and I once again have my own studio/creative space and I am overjoyed.  My inviting him to share my studio was a very selfless act and I have been bugged about it for two years, but now both of us are once again able to let our creative wings spread and fill up our own spaces.  Yes, this is a great liberating act for me.

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