Saturday, May 23, 2009


I saw a video on youtube the other days that feature women that lived on the desert and they had a very physical life and they were fully adorned from head to toe. Rings, bells, bangles, scarves and other beautiful things.  These women work very hard everyday and still they wear their jewelry, so why is it that american women are always asking me if my jewelry gets in the way?  They make jokes about how they think I have on way too much, but by who's standard?  There is a world of women out there who have lot more jewelry on than I do and their lives a filled with very difficult physical labor.  I am a woman of leisure, kind of like Queen Elizabeth and she wears her jewels so why would I do anything  less.  Yes you guessed it, I am a Queen and I act accordingly.  All hail the Queen, and now I am doing my Queenly wave to all of you,  wearing a ring or two on every finger.

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